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Hand Blown Glass Thimbles, Personalized Thimbles, and other Collectible Thimbles

Our blown glass thimbles are a perfect gift for the thimble collector.  Each thimble is individually hand made and detailed by glass artist, Frank Horvath.  Our glass thimbles are available in a variety of styles including the carousel horse, hummingbird, angel, apple, dolphins, doves, and many more.

blown glass angel thimble
glass carousel horse thimbles
blown glass dove thimbles
Glass Angel Thimble
 Item #T-101
Carousel Horse Thimble
 Item #T-102
Doves Thimble
 Item #T-103
glass dolphins thimbles
blown glass apple thimbles
Dolphin Thimble
 Item #T-104
Glass Apple Thimble
 Item #T-105
hummingbird thimbles
blown glass beer stein thimbles
glass lighthouse thimbles
Hummingbird w/ Flower Thimble
 Item #T-107
Beer Stein Thimble
 Item #T-108
Frosted Lighthouse Thimble
 Item #T-109

About the Artist
Frank Horvath developed an interest in artistic glass at the age of five when he was first allowed to accompany his father to work. Frank’s father, an accomplished glass artist in Hungary, had moved his family to the United States in 1956. After working under his father’s guidance for almost twenty years Frank opened his own art glass studio, Stellar Glass, in 1989.
Of quality, Frank’s father would always say, “The proof is in the pudding.” This belief that years of experience only mean something if you can create a piece that you believe in and stand behind, is perhaps the most important lesson Frank learned from his father.

Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments
Our blown glass ornaments can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, or can be displayed year round on an ornament stand or in a dome. Custom engraving is available to add that personalized touch.
Wedding Cake Toppers
Custom Hand Blown Glass cake toppers or all your wedding themes including traditional hearts, doves, claddagh, wedding rings, dolphins, bride and groom, swans, religious, and many more.

Solid Blown Glass Sculptures
Each of our exquisite hand blown glass art sculptures are individually crafted by glass artisan, Frank Horvath, providing you a truly unique art glass keepsake.

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